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It is said that "If a person is not Computer literate by the year 2002, the chance to be part of the countries work force is slim"

To be competitive in future business, it is necessary to understand, and use the electronic media extensively. Not only in the form of marketing but also in the sales and maintenance of product or services.

Potchefstroom must be part of this solution and provide a leading edge in the North West Province by creating the facility not only to promote Potchefstroom as a gateway to the city but also to create opportunities for every sector in the town.

Potchefstroom.co.za is the gateway to every business near Potchefstroom that via the Internet will develop the business sector of this area. Potchefstroom.co.za will be used as the pointer to be able to access any of the other sites and will be linked to other users that fall in the parameters of promoting all facets of Potchefstroom.

Any business or organization that does not follow this route will be one of those that lose out on the opportunity to be one of the best in their field.

This will also create a sense of pride Join the Potchefstroom Gateway in Potchefstroom and will ensure that the standard of service will improve, as the innovative will have access to the site.

Packages will provide the following services:
· Search Engines
· Links
· Advertising
· Updating
· E-commerce

The value added to your business includes the following:
· A gateway with ability to link, search, advertise, update with various of graphics.

· Formulating and placing the Business/ Organizations/ Schools /Club features, history, services, etc. on the internet.

· Update events periodically

· Creating Internet addresses with the prefix of "Potchefstroom". This will ensure the advertising of Potchefstroom all over South Africa, Africa and the world. This feature advertises Potchefstroom without any other physical advertising thus ensuring an advertisement saving on the part of all businesses in Potchefstroom.

· Promote an awareness of the potential of Potchefstroom that can lead to increase flow of business in the city, which in turn should increase spending and certainly jobs.

· That "potchefstroom.co.za" will be developed to meet all the standards in the introduction to ensure that this site becomes viable not only in our own community but also in the Province, South Africa and the world.

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